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Evening girlies! Hope everyone has had a fabulous week so far, I certainly have anyway despite it STILL being freeeezing!
Last week I was sent some lovely Note products by the even lovelier Olivia at The Publicity loft. I had only ever seen this product on Instagram a couple of times but I had heard a good few people raving about them, it was one of those things where you get distracted by something or someone else and kind of forget about it, then it pops up again and your like 'oh yea that I meant to get some of that!' Butttt never the less I finally got my hands on it and was jumping at the chance to try it out, especially because I wasn't expecting the parcel to arrive in the first place!

Before I get into it I really want to state, like I do in every review I post, this isn't paid, it isn't sponsored and I wasn't give these products to tell you to buy them. This is 100% my honest opinion and if I personally didn't like something then I certainly wouldn't be telling you guys to go and spend your hard earned money on it!

Ok now all that is out of the way, here we go. 
In my beaut wee parcel I was sent the mattifying extreme wear foundation, full coverage liquid concealer, ultra rich colour lip pencil and a mattmoist lipgloss.

Obviously I was most looking forward to trying the foundation. As a make up artist I LOVE trying out new foundations, seeing how they last, how they go on, how well they blend, how they smell (this is a big one for me- the main reason I don't use MAC foundations!) all the usual stuff we all do with a new foundation.
First of all the packaging- simple, sleek and you can see how much you have used. Some foundations are covered up and you never know when you are running low and that bugs me so much! AND there is a pump!
Ok this might be a weird one to some people but the smell of foundations is SO important to me! I use it every single day, some just once yes, but sometimes up to ten times a day so I want them to smell nice, isn't that much of a request is it?! This smells like a cleanser or else baby wipes- it is so fresh and then in my head it automatically makes it lighter haha. MAC Studio Fix smells like paint to me, so I HATE putting it on my face for that one reason, all I can think of is how heavy feels to me!
It blends so so easy and has really good coverage for one layer. I always double up on my layers however if I don't think the coverage is enough for me personally from just one layer.
Staying power- 9/10. I might have (most deffo did) fell asleep with this on me one evening and it was STILL on me the next morning, disgusting I KNOW! I genuinely didn't do this on purpose as falling asleep with make up on is my pet hate but I mean if that isn't a test of staying power I don't know what is! The only thing I would say is around my nose and chin it started to go a little dry and flakey, my skin has been super dry the past while however so that might be as to why. Other than that, I really would't have any faults with this foundation at all. It really does give that 'instagram flawless face'!
Shop here £10.95

Concealer- again I really like the packaging, just simple and you know what it is. The applicator is like most concealers these days and is the one I personally find the easiest to use as it goes onto the skin really smoothly. It is nice and light, and has good enough coverage but you need to work super fast. I would only apply it to the area I am going to work on straight away, I wouldn't apply it everywhere and then work my way around my face. I use it under my eyes and again like my foundation I like it to be super full coverage so I just apply a double layer and it works. And no it doesn't look caked on me either, it is so light so it never feels or looks like that on me or clients!
Shop here £3.95

Lip liner- OK LIFE CHANGING-THE END. Basically that is all haha. It doesn't budge, like does not move! I was sent shade rose 02 and I mean it is so perfect for me anyway because I love nudes/browns. I wore it all day to work and out for dinner a couple of times and it doesn't come off hardly at all. Okay, a tiny teeny bit in the middle of the lips but apart from that none at all and the colour doesn't fade either, super pigmented. Hands down my favourite lip liner (except rimmel cappuccino because I can't live without it ok) to date!
Shop here £3.95

Lip gloss- packaging of this reminds me of the sleek lip glosses every time I see it, but I still like them all the same, wouldn't put me off buying them. You can see what the colour is without having to look at the bottom of the packaging which I like, saves me 0.0002 seconds haha.
I was sent the shade 407-NOTISMI which is this deep rich reddy/pink colour which is absolutely beautiful, but just the complete opposite of me. I would never in my life wear a red lipstick or gloss, I just always get so scared and feel I don't suit a red lip so I never ever try it on myself. So this can't be reviewed fully by me because well, I basically haven't tried it for myself. Howeverrrr my sister Ciara wore it out for her home hen party last Saturday night and she loved it, it comes out super glossy but wears as a matt, it isn't super matt however so it really doesn't dry out your lips like most do and again it smells great- even I could tell this. The pigmentation is great, you need the TINIEST bit and it covers so much but it really does smudge so you need to be very careful when wearing this, drink with a straw and absolutely no kissing haha
Shop here £5.95

I've linked everything I was sent under each review but you can see what other products they have on their website here. Such a brilliant brand for unreal prices, treat yourself!!
Anyway that wasn't meant to be this long, Im off to Galgorm Spa tomorrow for a little treat so follow my snaps because as always i'll be snapping away like a goodn' well that is if my fingers don't fall off with the cold, wish me luck!! (emmajanemooney)

Thanks for reading as always, have a good weekend 
Emma Jane x


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