Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Hey everyone, hope your Tuesday was as good as mine! I was back to work today, but nevertheless I had such a productive day getting caught up with everything from the weekend and trying to make a start on everything for the next few weeks with the wedding being so SOON! Cannot cope that this time 11 days my sister will be marriedddd!

Anyway, enough of me blabbering on about weddings as usual! At the weekend Ryan and I took ourselves off on a little road trip, so adventurous getting aren't we haha we packed a bag and hit the road first thing (well 11am but I mean that is first thing for me!).
I knew we were going to end up in Dublin/Kildare direction anyway, as I wanted to get to Kildare Village before the private sale ended that evening, so that's exactly where we ended up!

A load of you guys have asked me about the hotel we stayed in at the weekend so thought I would pop a little info up about it for you and how I found out about it and the deal we got.
So because we had nowhere planned to stay I simply went onto booking.com and typed in Kildare, as I normally would when I'm staying somewhere. It has always just been so handy and because I use it so much I now get the genius prices too which usually work out even cheaper- hoorayyy!
I found the Killashee Hotel on there and fell in love with it, it was like a mini castle. So so pretty in every way... except for the price - it was over £100 for just the room on its own, with no breakfast, in a standard size room - for a Sunday night might I add. So I popped on over to the Killashee Hotel website and had a look at their offers, sometimes it is cheaper than booking.com and then sometimes it works out dearer too!

We ended up getting a superior room, with a three course dinner that evening in their lovely bistro and then breakfast the following morning too... all for €150 which worked out at £130ish with the exchange rate! How amazing is that? I couldn't believe it, so needless to say I booked straight away haha

When we arrived after shopping our little socks off at 7.30pm the staff were beyond lovely, they upgraded us to the junior suite for free as it wasn't in use that evening! I LOVE when hotels do that! If you don't ask, you don't get!
It was such an old fashioned hotel with the decor of the rooms, but at the same time was modern with the bistro and the lobby of the hotel!

The three course dinner that was included in our stay was a separate menu and usually when it is included in your stay the menu doesn't have that great of a choice or else is really plain, I am such a fussy eater so it is maybe just me! But the menu was fab, I had goats cheese cheesecake to start and ohhhh my god it was delicious! Just the perfect amount, sometimes they give you too much and you get sick of it, and sometimes it isn't enough to fill you haha. Here's me with the plain eating again - I got the burger for main, but it was so good! I know some will say how can you go wrong with a burger, butttt let me tell you you can! It was proper meat, none of that processed stuff, and the best bit IT HAD PICKLE IN IT. Obsessed with pickle in burgers sorry haha then creme brûlée to finish off, oh and maybe a few cocktails and gin mixed in with that too!

It was that cosy and homely, we were tucked up in bed with a drink watching MOTD by 11pm and I wouldn't have had it any other way - remember I said I we were getting so adventurous? Good one Emma haha #oldies
Honestly would stay here again, the staff, the food and the location were amazing.
They have spa and wellness centre too, we didn't have time to visit that which I really wish we did but hey, just an excuse for another visit right?

Thanks for reading, as always
Emma Jane x


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