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Not even going to try and act all cool and chill about it, I am so excited it probablyyyy isn't normal. 
Melissa and I have been talking about going to New York together since what seems like an absolute life time, and we finallyyy bit the bullet and booked it last week. 
We are heading at the start of January and we thought it seemed like ages away (141 days) but it really isn't that far away to be honest, it will fly in so that's why we want to be super organised. 

We had been looking on sky scanner for ages at flights, when was the best time, when suited us both etc and we had pre booked a hotel for the middle of January on, but THANK GOD for free cancellation, because we had to change the dates! 

After looking at the flights we wanted, we met up and were all set for booking! I rarely get to see Melissa cause we are both so busy with work so I thought we would meet up and talk for hours and not get to book it but nope, she was more excited than me! 
By the way we booked it in the cutest coffee shop ever, Cocoa Chocolate in Ballymena- amazing!

Instead of going through Sky Scanner we had decided together to book direct from Norwegian Airlines website and fly from Dublin direct. 
We had worked out the prices of flying with the likes of Aer Lingus and British Airways with our meals and luggage all included already, compared to having just the flights with Norwegian and it STILL worked out cheaper having to add them both on. 

When booking you have the option to either pay Lowfair- which is only hand luggage included nothing else. Low fair+, which is 10kg hand luggage, 20kg checked in, seat selection and on board meals. Or else there was Flex- which included all above plus you have the option to change details and flight times, it is refundable and you have fast track in the airports. 
Us being the little bargain hunters we are, worked it all out and thought that the Lowfair+ would be the best option for us, and we got to pick our seats there and then-something we took very seriously! Are we too far forward, too far back? are we in the right position? Picking your seat is honestly so stressful!! We got there in the end, and choose seat number 21 because, well we are forever 21 right?!
Yessss we are those people haha

The whole thing was so simple and so straight forward. Some websites are super confusing and direct you here there and everywhere, but we got it sorted so quick (even with the good ten minutes we had picking seats!) and both did a little happy dance in the coffee shop when we booked in, and told everyone and anyone who then came near us that we had just literally booked NYC there and then!

As I said, we booked from Dublin so we have pre clearance there which is also SO handy, saves us time when we get there for more exploring!! We fly into Stewart airport and I thought it was going to be so hard and confusing to get into our hotel (which is right in the heart of NYC!! ekkk) but it is only 25 minutes longer in traffic and the lovely Kaelin Fox (who lives in NYC but travels home all the time with Norwegian) had put up information about buses that leave from the airport and take your directly into the city for $20 so we will deffo be doing that! 

Coffee shops, Brunch stops and cocktail bars-we want to know it ALL!! 
We already have a little book with every single place we want to see, every screenshot we have ever seen of places in our whatsapp and everything we do will be jotted down obvs? But any little hidden gems any of lot you have been to or know about would be so amazing to hear about! I am sorry for the NYC spam already.. soz not soz! We have one thing booked thanks to Ryan surprising us, but we are open to everything so give us a shout on your fav spots!

One thing I want to know is how the heck am I going to get everyone to sit below me at the MET steps? Ima have to work on that one...

Thanks for reading as always
Emma Jane 

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