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Evening everyone, hope you are all keeping super well on this super grim rainy cold gloomy Monday :) 

Going on holidays soon? Even somewhere close by but need to hop on a plane? I hate you alllll!! I'm kidding, I am just ridiculously jealous already!
When I post about going away, I share everything with you lot and that starts with the packing. Most of the time for me it is just a quick get away for a few days in the sun or a little city break, so we only bring hand luggage. What is the point in going away for a few days, getting a super cheap deal then spending more on the luggage than the actual flight, you need to be at the airport earlier and you need to hang around to wait on your beloved case that is most probably going to be the last one out and battered into pieces! Sooo thats why I always opt to have just hand luggage when I can!

The last time I went away I showed on my Instagram story my clothes sitting out and my suitcase sitting empty, then the next snap was all the clothes in the case. Which I thought was a pretty normal snap, but I got loads of messages from people saying they never put the clothes in the side with the zip they always use this for there bits and bobs such as shoes, belts, straighteners and etc.

I have always put the clothes in this side, I personally think you can get so much more into the zip side and if you pack enough in- the netting actually squeezes it down some more so you save more room! Rolling clothes is key when packing into hand luggage also!

So it got me thinking when I was asked loads about how I manage to fit everything into such a small space! In my carry on handbag, I always bring a big one that is easy enough to carry but actually fits loads into it at the same time. My Coach one is perfect for me- and this is what I bring in my handbag to help save time, room and sometimes money.

Smaller Bag
When I am away this pink bag comes in handy for going to the beach or if we are out shopping, but I also need a small cross body bag for heading for dinner and being out and about in general when I don't want to carry a big bag about. So first thing to go inside the handbag..a smaller bag. (don't doubt me) Despite the bag being small enough to fit into the suitcase- number one I do not want my good Mulberry handbag super squashed in the suitcase and number two it takes up a lot more room in the case than inside the handbag believe it or not.

Small again but way handier in your handbag to have when you wake up from that whole 7 minute snooze you actually manage to get on the plane and it frees up some more space in your suitcase. Throw in a bobble and some grip clips too- sometimes the brush can't save it girl!

Slipper or socks
This is honestly one thing I have always done and would never fly without either a pair of fresh comfy socks or else slippers in my bag. They are so easy to pop in, even put them inside the smaller bag if your really tight for space. Most of the time when Im going away in the summer, to save room I make sure I wear a pair of shoes to the airport I am going to wear loads on holidays, to again save space. Most of the time it is a pair of sandals and not one person on that plane wants to smell my feet when I take them off thats for sure, nor do I want my bare feet on the ground. So to save everyone else from giving you evils the whore journey pack these, and I mean who doesn't want to have super cosy feet for them few hours?

Portable charger/charger
Phone batteries never last- well mines certainly doesn't anyway! Most of the time your in the airport for a good few hours before you take off, snapping away at the bar making everyone jealous right? Even the least active people put a picture of them going on holiday up! Then if your maybe listening to music on your phone on the plane or still taking photos of your mate sleeping with their mouth open, you are going to run out pretty damn quick and then you have around 45mins-1hour before you get anywhere to charge it when you land. So having a portable one means you don't have to worry about it dying or having to go searching in your case when you land for one, and then sitting on the ground beside a plug to text your mum to say you have arrived safe, before she has the Spanish police sending a search party for you!

Hard boiled sweeties/chewing gum
This doesn't effect everyone but my ears are the worst on a flight, they pop about 14 times and sometimes don't until 2 hours after I land! So having some hard boiled sweets deffo helps, they take up hardly any room if they are put in loosely and it stops you from buying them at the airport because we all know the airport prices! Chewing gum is always in my bag anyway, but you want to have fresh breath after a flight at least right?

This one isn't really a tip, it is a no brainer.
Flying takes it out of your body so you need to make sure and keep hydrated- especially on long haul flights and even more so if you are a nervous flyer and tend to sweat a lot about this.
One thing I would never do is drink the tap water they have on board for you in jugs, buy a bottle or a couple of cold fresh bottles before you board-so worth the airport prices!

Make up/liquids
I used to never do this and didn't realise how much handier it was until I started.
Most people put their liquids and make up into the hand luggage case, which is super handy as you have it all stored there and thats great don't need to worry about it again- if you have room. But if your super tight for space, any girl will tell you how much room it actually takes up. (if you bring everything) So bringing this in your handbag again saves room but also time. When you get to security all you need to do is shove you suitcase right on through, and pull out your clear bag from your handbag and pop it in the tray and your good to go, no worries of half the airport seeing your red knickers when you are lifting out your liquid bag from your suitcase! And it means if you want to head straight out somewhere when you land, you can fix yourself just before you land or when you do land as you will have it handy in your bag!

Another tip for make up/liquids is samples sizes.
I get the little clear stacking pots from the travel cases you get in primark or any chemist and fill them with what I need-
Foundation- one light and one darker.
Night cream/serum
This saves so much room by only bringing these rather than one full size of everything, therefore it will 100% fit into your handbag too.
 When you buy something from a beauty counter you often get given some perfume samples or even just sometimes get handed them in the store. These are a winner for saving room in your bag and you aren't wasting your favourite perfume either. Even if you haven't had a chance to nip and get some samples, the airport have some sometimes. You know when you walk through duty free for the first time and all the ladies head for the perfume to get a quick spray of the expensive perfume before heading to the bar? (don't even lie and say you haven't done it!) ask the ladies working if they have any samples of it there for you- and remember to be nice!!

Another thing I have started doing recently is buying sally handson at the airport. As much as I can I try not to wear make up and tan on holidays, but my skin isn't as blessed as some of you lot and I am about the colour of my suitcase naturally! So this is so handy for night time, you pop it on, look super glowy and tanned for dinner then wash it off the next day and don't have to worry about streaky bits or sweating it off in the heat- your milk bottle white again! All I need to do is bring a mitt with me in my suitcase and buy it there. Again you don't need to worry about it going through security with it, and it is usually on offer in the airport too. And if you don't use it all, don't throw it out!! Bring it home with you, it is 100ml which means you can in your hand luggage and you will have used all your other sample pots so you will have loads of room in that little clear bag on the way home meaning your next night out you are ready to go!!

Hope this helps you pack for anyone lucky enough to be heading away soon! I am heading away to Liverpool this weekend but I actually have the luxury of having a 24kg bag with me this time- I might bring my pillow with me as I wont know what to do with all the room haha
Have a good weekend, and make sure to keep and eye on my insta and snapchat stories to see what we get up to in Livaaaapooool!!
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Thanks for reading as always
Emma Jane x

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