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I feel this is something that is very overdue for me to write about to you guys, and by no means am I showing off or flaunting in peoples faces. I genuinely get asked a couple of times a week if not every two weeks and I feel sometimes it is just too long to tell people everything. Yes of course I try and tell them as much information as possible at the time, but sometimes I think they don't wanna see a big paragraph coming back at them! 
Yes, I am taking about my Gucci Belts- basic bitch I know!!! 

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a small handful of designer things to add to my wardrobe that I will have in years to come and I am so proud to have ticked most of them off, I work hard for what I want. Hell to the yes I would love to have every single colour of Lily under the sun and the purses to match at that but for the price of them I cannot justify it at all. But for staples such as a brown/black bags and belts then yes I can, because I know I genuinely will have them forever! 

I got my Bayswater for my 21st birthday from myself, family and friends and still to this day I treat it like a child, it is wrapped up in its dust cover and stuffed with a towel until I need it. I used this EVERY DAY until I got my Lily so I have 100% already got my worth from it. 
I picked up my Lily in Kildare Village, and still can't believe I done it because it's really not like me, I just bought it out the blue. For once I had money saved up and had a pretty shit year so thought I would treat myself, I even rang my mammy for back up haha. 

My belt was the same, I had wanted it forever and wouldn't stop going on and on about it so my family gave me money for my birthday and my beautiful bestie got me a Brown Thomas voucher for my birthday so it only cost me a third of what it should have been! 
I rushed into it that day, didn't really think and I regret being so rushed and unorganised about it.

I wanted one that wasn't too tight around my hips. I didn't want it to have a tiny wee bit of leather hanging out the end of the buckle but I also didn't want there to be this big long piece wrapping right the way around me from it being to big either. Gucci do not have sizes like 10,12,14 etc they go by 75,80,85 and so on. 
This is where I got confused. 
I rang BT before I went down to see if they had any and I was told that they didn't as there was a waiting list, which I totally understood. However they also said they get deliveries a couple of times a week and sometimes there is extra of each product, so I took the chance and headed on down with the girls. 

When I arrived at Gucci I was told that there was only one left in a size 90, so I tried it on and obviously I fell in love straight away when I had it in my hand!
It was so soft, the buckle was so heavy, shiny and dull all in one and super duper pretty and uck I just didn't want to take it off- I loved it so much already. I didn't even pay attention to everything I had previously thought of when I was wanting to buy it, I was sold hook line and sinker as soon as I got my little mitts on it.
Then when he looked to bag it up for me there was actually a size 85 too, so I tried it but even though they were the exact same belt only one was smaller sizing, I had already got it in my head that the first one was mines and that was it, end of story I had made a bond with it..I was already planning outfits in my head, package it up sir, it's mines haha!

It wasn't until about a week later when I started picking outfits and wearing it even with my PJS (joke) I got to thinking I should have gotten the smaller size as the 90 is wayyy to big to fit around my waist and I had wanted it for that reason as well as to wear it with jeans. Only in the heat of it all I got far too excited and didn't even realise this, I just seen it fitted and that was it. And now even more than a year later, I usually only wear it with jeans as I still haven't got a hole punched in it. So I mostly wear my brown one around my waist when and if I can, and yes this is a 85.

Buckle Size
There is a couple of different options for buckle size in my style of black belt, 2cm (£235), 4cm (£320) and 7cm (£715). 
I got the 4cm one, I personally didn't like the larger one as I feel it is way too in your face and I mean at £715? For real hun? I do love the smaller one and do eventually want it in white but for the black one I wanted the middle size buckle as it is such a staple piece (for me anyway).

Leigh is wearing the 2cm one here to show you size difference in person.

This is the 4cm one on myself.

7cm buckle on Kelly Clarkson 
(as nobody I know actually owns one because they aren't wired in the head)

That is the biggest advice I could give someone planning on getting one, double make sure it is the correct size for you. If you can't get to Dublin to try them on and are purchasing it online, head to cruise fashion in Belfast. They have some and it may not be the belt you want, but you will get an idea of the sizing so you make the correct choice first time. 
So don't go rushing out to buy the £1000 handbag you've been lusting after or rush and buy a £300 odd belt just because you've seen everyone wearing it- make sure its for you. After all you will have it forever, so sit down and really think about it, is it really worth it? 

Thanks for reading as always
Emma Jane x


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