Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Mr & Mrs McKay

Morning guys, as I head off for a well earned break I thought I would pop on and tell you lot about the new Mr and Mrs McKay, aka my best friend Margie and her husband (lol) Brian as since the wedding I have had ZERO free time! Loads of people think I just do what I post on my stories every day but trust me, I actually do work loads without putting it on social media haha.

Ok that would have been a great post if I had of actually posted it when I was suppose too.. in JULY!! I am a disaster and the worst friend in the world I KNOW!! AGHHH.. anyway here is the post now Im done crying :) 

I have known Margie for 13 years, and Brian for around 10 which is absolutely mad when I think about it, but the fact they are now married is even madder to me! 
Just like Ciara and Rory’s wedding, I have been asked loads about Margie and Brian’s wedding venue, the stunning Drenagh House Estate , Limavady.  
They wanted this venue for so long as it is so beautiful but yet so quirky- it is literally Margie and Brian in a venue. The old fashioned house, the stunning marquee and the acres of grounds around it-so picture perfect.

They picked the date and everything else fell into place, Friday 22nd June 2018. 

I had the pleasure (I say that now as the stress is over haha) of being one of Margie’s bridesmaids walking her down the aisle to the love of her life, when it is someone so close to you it means just as much to you as it does them. Myself, my sister Ciara, Margie’s niece Caillee and Margie’s sister Dawn all had this pleasure. 
We are all pretty easy going, as much as people would like to contest this, I think I am and no matter what I said about ‘I am not wearing a pink and yellow polka dot dress no way!!’ I didn’t really mean it, if she wanted that I would have went with it haha. Luckily Margie has a fantastic sense of style and dressed us to perfection, down to our earrings everything was perfect. I mean, look at these dresses.. a-mazzzzinggg! 

We got these along with Margie’s wedding dress in Wedded Bliss, Portglenone. Honestly the most amazing staff, each and every time we went in to see them they couldn't have been more helpful towards her, and the selection of dresses are to die for! 

Now to the part everyone wants to hear about (now you've seen the dress!) the Venue!
Luckily there was no weddings the day before so we could head to the marquee on the thursday with a team of 12 ready and waiting helpers! Just like Margie, she had everything down to a tee.. despite (including myself) shouting ‘Margie where is this going? Margie how about this? Margie! EVERY two seconds. However we got it done and dusted in an hour and 30 minutes anddd even had time for some tea, homemade cookies and a grand tour of the house before it was home time- got a little sneak peak of my bedroom (the part I really wanted to know about lets be honest haha)

Every single time I turned around I wanted to take a picture, and now their pictures are back we can relive the whole day again. This is why I love photos SO MUCH!! We obviously didn't get to see them some of the day because they were on their own for pictures, or we were getting pictures took, so I didn't get to see some of the things happening and you get to see it all when you get the pictures back, I love it! Look at all these pictures, honestly can't choose my favourites I love them all! 
What am I not going to be like when I get married, I will need about 5 different photographers on the go to capture everything.. front back and side angles at all times haha.

Heres to the happy couple, 10 years down- 90 to go! 

Thanks for reading, as always
Emma Jane xx


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