Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of the year just like most people.
I am off work, I get to see all my family and friends all in one go, I get presents, I get to eat and drink as much as I want every day for almost a month without anyone questioning what I'm doing, everyone is just so happy, it smells great, the clothes are great- you get my drift its just fantastic. 

Advent calendars are getting bigger and bigger each year, we used to get the chocolate ones at £1 and that was a real treat having chocolate when you woke up every morning before school- orrrr forgetting to take it then having three or four to take all in one go!
Now there are ones selling for £50 and above-FOR CHOCOLATE!! 

I personally am all about the beauty ones, I think they are a great idea to try lots of different products from a brand you love (or have never heard off) that you would never buy the full size verison. And sure it's like a little pick me up present every morning getting that inner child out of us! 

Heres my pick of my favourite advent calendars from beauty to food to alcohol! 
(shop direct by clicking on each image)

1. LookFantasic £79

2. Clarins £60

3. Gin and tonic £95

4. Reese Chocolate £5

5.Yankee Candle 
£75/24.99 SALE (£59.99) & (16.49) 

6. Sleek make up £35

7. Pukka tea £9

8. Ferrero Rocher £10

9. Rituals £59.50

10. Pringles £7.99 

11. Cake Ball £20

12. Eden Mill gin £70

13. Iconic London £120

14. ASOS £55

15. Superdrug Bloom perfume £12 

16. Marshmallows £21

17. Clinique £76

18. Lindt £13.99

19. Glam Sparkle £130 

20. Hotel Chocolat £12.50

Just a few of my personal favourites- I really want to treat myself to a good one this year to try loads of new products, however the Pukka Tea and the Pringles are deffo my favourite so far haha whats yours? 

Thanks for reading, as always 
Emma Jane x


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