Tuesday, 20 November 2018


Everyone loves a Friday, especially if your off weekends. However I work weekends but still get that Friday feeling and even more so this friday.. BLACK FRIDAY! (how many times do you think Friday will be mentioned in this post? haha)

Again, everyone loves a little bargain and even more so on said date, you automatically think it is a bargain no matter what your buying, so make sure you really think about-
1. You need it 
2. You are actually saving money 
3. You're not putting pressure on yourself for the sake of buying something in the sale

Here are a few with some of the best deals on this week, and a few from each site I love the most- just click the site you wish to go to.
These will be updated everyday as the sites change themselves depending on what offer they have on-hopefully as the week goes on they get better and better! 





Hope everyone gets a bargain, happy shopping! 
Thanks for reading as usual
Emma Jane xx


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