Friday, 29 November 2019

Black Friday Deals..

Hey lovelies, IMAGINE it's this time of the year again, actually crazy!! 

However it is actually one of my favourite times of the year, as sad as that might sound! But it really is, and truly I do not even buy THAT much, it's just the hype I love so much! The buzz around all the shops, the hype online, people actually shopping local!
It used to be very much an american thing, even an English thing rather than something we did here in Northern Ireland, however in the past few years it has increasingly got more and more popular with shops not only doing it for Friday but in fact the whole week..which is great for us shoppers!

However with that being said, I'm not sure if it is myself getting older, being 'wiser' or just having more of a conscious mind when it comes to money that I am more aware of what I am actually getting for my money.
My rules for buying anything, not just on Black Friday are; can you get it cheaper anywhere else? Shopping around really does pay off, one that always stands out for me is ASOS. They stock a MASS selection of brands, some of which you might not get discounted on the actual brand website AND it is super handy if you have the ASOS next day delivery!

Another is John Lewis, they usually always price match everything on their website on Black Friday, so deffo give them a look to see if you can get something cheaper from them!

Here are a few of my top picks. But I will try to post offers as often as I can over on my Facebook Page on Friday but I am in London so will probably be knee deep in a sale by then haha. Just click any of the links below to take you directly to the deals...

Happy shopping guys and please remember.. Do you really need it? 







Thanks for reading as always 
Emma Jane xo

Thursday, 26 September 2019

The best present EVER

Hello my lovelies!

One of the most frequent questions I get asked on (almost) a daily basis is about Ryan and myself being at Galgorm Resort & Spa so often.
Why are you there so much? Is it sponsored? How much is it? 

Firstly I (mostly Ryan) wishes it was sponsored haha however it isn't, it was just the best gift in the entire world. Ryan got us both Spa memberships for the year for Christmas past, and it is honestly, hands down the best present I have ever received!

I really do get so many question about it so I thought I would just pop it all on here for you all to have a nosey at, lets be honest all everyone wants to know is the price and is it worth the money.
I personally feel it is, like I said- best present ever.
There is SO much included in it, it isn't just a quick dip in the pool now and again.
I have been to some of the nicest hotel spas around, and honestly? Nothing compares to the Spa at Galgorm, you truly forget where you are and just enjoy the moment every single time.


So heres what you guys wanna know right, the deets;

Full Single Membership for the Year- £1500 per year/£125 a month
Joint Membership- £2750 per year/£229.16 a month
6month Membership- £900 per 6 months/£150 per month
Taster Membership- taken out for 1-3 months at £200 per month

(If you take the full single membership it works out at £31.25 a week, which if you even go to the gym twice and the spa twice a week it makes it worth while on its own!!)
Here is what is included with your membership;

You have unlimited access to the Thermal village whenever you want throughout the year, so you could literally go 3 times in a day, once a month or else go in at 7am and stay right through to 10pm if you really wish!

You get access to all the fitness classes and a bonus..they are at great times of the day for the 9-5 workers anddd for people who aren't the best at getting up at the crack of dawn on their day off too,  exclusive personal training rates with the on site PT's...oh and they have recently just launched an app so its super easy to book your classes!

There is members evenings throughout the year, with 50% off treatments, nibbles, drinks and giveaways! 

When you join you receive 12 complimentary guest experience vouchers, meaning you can treat someone to a spa day at absolutely no extra cost- the perfect girly day out. Oh and even when you run out of the passes like me, you get to bring guest for just £25!!

You get exclusive rates at Galgorm Castle Golf Club for all those golf enthusiast.

If you like making a night of it now and again, then you get 20% off accommodation rates in the hotel, which is such a good deal in itself!

Included in your membership is 20% spa treatments and products, so if you actually want a treatment now and again it is such a good value, and that 20% off products is amaze! Take that unreal spa smell at home, anddd they sell Vita Liberata- Body Blur so yay to 20% off that!!

My personal fav, 10% off dinning AND drinking throughout the hotel, yes that includes your unreal cocktail menu and the best afternoon tea you will ever have in your life!!

Oh and if massages aren't helping then you get 10% off Steele Physio too!

As I said, we both love it and it would feel so strange not to be able to walk in whenever we want, so maybe it is my turn to return the present and get it this Christmas!
The staff are always so lovely and know all the members by name which I think is just so so lovely and it really makes you feel so welcome every time, no matter if your in a rush or lazing about the spa all day- oh they do the best hot chocolate also!!
If you want to know more about the payments or anything like that pop into the spa and talk to Jade the membership manager and she will tell you everything you want to know or even a little email, I will leave her link below, oh and if you mention my name to her she mighttt give you a little added extra!!

So now you all know why I love it and why we are there so much!
I am going to head after work this evening, to do my favourite thing- sit on the waterbeds until I am about to fall asleep!
Anyway, hopefully see some of you there soon

Thanks for reading as always
Love, Emma Jane x


Tuesday, 24 September 2019


Anyone else absolutely love the winter months? 
Good, me too! Don't get me wrong I am all for a cocktail by the pool but nothing I love more than putting on a pair of boots, a chunky knit and getting the tights back out again. September until January are without a doubt my favourite months of the year, however the weather can literally change so much in the space of a few days, well a few hours it is Northern Ireland after all!

So I have popped up a few things that I think can carry you right through from 'sun is still out I can get away with this' right down to 'ok that is deffo my breath I can see when I breathe' as sometimes it is so hard to find a balance, and items you can get the most wear out off. 
Here are my key pieces, enjoy! 

A pair of black boots sees you right through, they go with shorter skirts and dresses in the summer months, as well as basically every single item during the winter months. I always opt for a pair of sock boots, just because I feel they are so flattering on bare legs and with tights, giving that seamless look... Chunky heels are a must tho, comfort people! 


Who says florals are just for spring? 
This style of midi dress can be worn so many different ways, making sure you get the most wear out of it as possible and creating different looks every time. Style it down like here with a pair of biker boots & leather jacket, throw a pair of trainers and denim jacket for those warmer days, killer heels and a waist belt for a night on the town and even tights, comfy coat and those chunky heeled boots! Endless combinations. 


Leather trousers are becoming more and more popular, whether they are skin tight or that little bit looser, they are now becoming something almost everyone will have or want in their wardrobe over the next few months. 
These two styles are my favourites,  I love that they are both high waisted and both super flattering, something we all need!  andddd such good prices. 


Keeping with the leather theme, a leather jacket. Who doesn't own one of these? I have had so many over the years, falling in and out of love with them every single year and this year i'm back in love with them. There is nothing like the All saints one right? I know its a little pricey but it truly is an investment piece, and it is something that will never ever go out of fashion! There is 15% off for your first time ordering from All saints also- winnnning! (Here is a few other options tho!)


Everyone needs a new winter coat, only problem is that there are farrr too many beaut ones to choose between! I personally think you can never go wrong with white or tan. They are two colours that will go with everything you own, and it adds something other than black to the winter months! 

Again something everyone already owns, and always could do with another pair. Black skinny jeans, this is so personal I feel because I know how picky I am with jeans so I presume everyone else is the same. However if you in the market to get a new pair, 100% try these. They are my ride or dies, the River Island -Molly reformed jeggings. Tip- size down.


Finally some knitwear, something you will be able to pop on with almost everything in the next few months. Roll/polo necks are great; they keep you warm, hide all the sins, no tan is needed and you can stick them on under or over almost anything and they look great! The River Island ones are my fav again, they are so cheap and the quality is so so good! (two for £20)

Hope this helped a little coming into the colder months!
Thanks for reading, as always 
Emma Jane x


Wednesday, 11 September 2019

20 items for under £20

Happy hump day my loves! 

Pay day coming close? Nope not close enough! But sure we all need a wee mid week treat now and again anddd when its under £20 it feels like a complete need rather than want! 

ASOS is my literal go to website for anything whether it be clothes, skincare, nightwear even make up they have it covered.. along with next day delivery being probably one of the best things on the internet, ever. So here are 20 new in items you  need  all for under £20!!











Actually 21 items, because how amazing are those slippers and hangover food book?! LOVE! 

Happy shopping guys 
Thanks for reading, as always 
Emma Jane x
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