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New York New York..

Wanna talk about January blues? Me right now!
Thought we could outsmart them and head away on the most depressing week of the year, but I kinda forgot we needed to come home! I don't 'technically' go back to work for another (almost) 3 weeks so hopefully the rest of January will be super fun too. 

Melissa and I documented pretty much all the trip on our insta stories and our daily upload of pics, it was just so hard not too as there is so much to see and do on every single street corner. 
But I have had a lot of questions about things we done, our hotel etc so I thought I would write it all down for you guys..

We booked our flights and hotel separately as I always do, I can't remember the last time I even went into a travel agent! 
Our flights were with Norwegian Airlines, direct from Dublin to Stewart. It got us and our luggage there in one piece sure thats all that matters right?! 
No TV, no charger point, no blanket, no comfy seats NOTHING for 7 hours! Just to prepare you if you're heading.. it ain't all glam haha. Awk no I am being a drama queen, it was fine. Just bring a portable charger, a blanket or big coat, and something to watch movies on or a book of choice and you'll be fine. I just know I would rather spend my money IN New York than being comfy getting there!! We booked an onboard meal too and I can't remember if it was £20 return or £20 each way- but FYI not worth it, you get served first is the only good thing about it. But I would keep the money and buy something to bring on with you in the airport or get something on the airplane, what you got was not worth it at all and the meal deals are so cheap. Oh and the bus took around 1hour 45mins and cost $20 each way, and left from just outside the airport and it was so handy especially to our hotel. Also face masks are a MUST ladies!

Most of the questions I got were about our hotel. It was an amazing location, but to be honest most of the hotels in New York are. You aren't going to be sticking to one street the whole trip so everywhere is central to you really. We stayed in Element times square, west 39th street. It was one block away from Port Authority station where we got dropped off and picked up from the airport bus and only one street away from Times Square which we did alotttt of walking about in awe off. Port Authority also had a subway too so it was so handy if we ever wanted to get back to the hotel quickly rather than walking 20 blocks downtown (I say this as it would have been super handy if we got the subway right not just on the last day haha)

We booked a king size room with a view and that is exactly what we got, the view was insane and I will never tire of seeing the sunset/rise across NYC! 
We were on the 33rd floor and I think anything above 30 your guaranteed a view of the city skyline, so make sure your super duper nice at reception no matter how tired and jet lagged you are anddddd remember- if you don't ask you don't get!
It came with free breakfast each morning for every guest which was great, it was just a typical american style buffet breakfast. Lots of sugar at that time of the morning in both the cold and warm food, french toast some days, waffles and bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs, it changed every day we were there which was nice instead of the same thing- says the girl who ate bagels, avocado and cream cheese for breakfast every day-for a week! 

Another nice touch from the hotel was that from 5-7pm (I think) was the managers special which was wines, beers, olives, cheese and bread all free of charge. Along with free tea, coffee, water and fruit juices all day. I thought this was such a lovely touch an it is those little bits that make you remember the hotel and staff. 

Both Melissa and myself have been to NYC before so we didn't need to see everything, but for the length of time we were there we seen and done ALOTTT! 
We both were like 'go with the flow sure we can see what we see', we had things screenshotted that we wanted to see etc but had no plan in place. Until we got there and then had the google maps up in bed the first night with a pen and notepad ticking off every single thing on our list that we could do in and around that area of the city in one day- pretty much nailed it I would personally say. 

My number one thing to do is go to the Top of The Rock. In the words of Alicia Keys, no place in the world that could compare- literally!!
You see every single part of the city and beyond, I could stay up there all day long! We went just before sunset so got best of both worlds, seen the city in all its glory during the day then seen the sunset on the city and the famous lights come on. There are three different levels too so it doesn't seem as packed as the empire state does, as there is more room to move about it and see from all angles.

Coat- Primark 
Dress- AX Paris

Another of my favourite things still to do (at this time of year) is ice skating in central park. It is every girls dream, and it lives up to it. Your in the middle of an ice rink, in the middle of central park, looking up at all of NYC in the background I mean seriously do I need to say more?!
It works out at around $40 per person I think, you need to pay the entry fee then rental of boots and then a locker to place all your things in too. 

Mittens- old Next 

Brooklyn Bridge-neither of us had done this before and we were SO looking forward to it from all the pictures we had seen and it did not disappoint one bit. Again the views looking back at the city were breathtaking, even on the dull day we got. Be warned it is really busy but it is worth the crowds, wrap up because the winds are so strong coming from both sides. Even better, it's free. However, make sure you stay on the correct lane tho-those cyclists aren't one bit scared of you or to use their bells at you!! Oh and another top tip- make sure you go to the toilet before you go on because it is such a long walk on and off before any coffee shops especially when you've had 23 (maybe a lie) cups of tea before you get there to stay warm during the day!!

Coat- Topshop sale

Empire State building, again you guessed it the views! 
The day we went it was so crisp and fresh but obviously because of the height it was sooo windy you could hardly go outside. But this is something that will never get old, the ears popping in the lifts, the staff all dressed so smartly and forever being reminded of Elf when you walk anywhere in the building (ok maybe just me haha) but deffo worth the visit and something I think I will always go and see when I go back! (and I will) 

Coat- Glamourous ASOS

There are so many amazingly iconic places and buildings to see and visit when your there. I'm not going to name them all but them four were my favourites and I think they always will be. Without even having to say it, Times Square and just generally exploring the city thrown in there too!
We wanted to see a show when we were there too and ended up seeing Chicago, both loved it so much. Something different for night time rather than just dinner and drinks. The level of the actors was insane they just want to give there all so much, and their bodies oh my god INSANE. You can line up at the side of the red steps at times square and buy last min tickets for shows that evening at half price but it was SO cold and the line was SO long so we just bought ours online and picked them up at the theatre door. 

Melissas outfit
Hat- primark 
Coat- Topshop
Clutch- Zara 

Melissas hat- Primark 

Silk pleated dress- Now under £40!

Oh and the High Line is also something I never really heard of before and it was amazing, an old railway line over part of the city than runs for sooo long. When your there put it into google maps and see where your nearest access point is and deffo go and visit it, even if you don't want to walk the whole thing, but it's so easy to walk a few miles without even noticing!

Another tip is use instagram to hashtag things you want to see, this is how we found most of the cute coffee shops and restaurants we went to which are ENDLESS!! 

One of the best holidays I have ever had and I am so glad I got to fall in love with the city all over again, with one of my best.
The nicest friendliest people, the FOOD, the views, the lights, the subway, the one dollar slices of pizza, the yellow cabs and the zebra crossings.. I love every.single.thing about the place!
Ryan, when we going? haha

Thanks for reading, as always 
Emma Jane x

Ps Melissa Vlogged the trip if you haven't already watched! click here to see it 
I have tagged all clothing in each picture for handiness.


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