Wednesday, 31 July 2019


Hey everyone, wow wow wow HOW the bloody hell is it almost August already?
Jeepers oh this has been the most crazy year ever so far, between Elegant Extras, this fabulous weather making me super busy in work and then Miss Rosie coming early and stealing our attention and hearts.. the whole lot of us don't know if we are coming or going!

But anyway this has been a long time coming, I always get asked for advice on wedding guest outfits/christening/big events, which I LOVE because I love picking outfits for these types rather than just your basic night out outfits! I had planned to do this in the middle of April but here we are and I've only sat down to do it now, sure all the first holy communions and summer weddings are nearly over for god sake Emma!

Firstly if people ask me advice on this I always always tell them straight so I am going to set it out now before anyone asks.... NEVER NEVER EVER wear white to a wedding?! (in my opinion) I just do not or will never understand why people do it? Some brides don't mind at all, and that is totally their thing but I just think it is darn right rude to wear white...You can wear it any other day of the year, just let the bride have her day in a white god dammit haha ok rant over....














Thanks for reading as always 
Emma Jane x


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