Friday, 29 November 2019

Black Friday Deals..

Hey lovelies, IMAGINE it's this time of the year again, actually crazy!! 

However it is actually one of my favourite times of the year, as sad as that might sound! But it really is, and truly I do not even buy THAT much, it's just the hype I love so much! The buzz around all the shops, the hype online, people actually shopping local!
It used to be very much an american thing, even an English thing rather than something we did here in Northern Ireland, however in the past few years it has increasingly got more and more popular with shops not only doing it for Friday but in fact the whole week..which is great for us shoppers!

However with that being said, I'm not sure if it is myself getting older, being 'wiser' or just having more of a conscious mind when it comes to money that I am more aware of what I am actually getting for my money.
My rules for buying anything, not just on Black Friday are; can you get it cheaper anywhere else? Shopping around really does pay off, one that always stands out for me is ASOS. They stock a MASS selection of brands, some of which you might not get discounted on the actual brand website AND it is super handy if you have the ASOS next day delivery!

Another is John Lewis, they usually always price match everything on their website on Black Friday, so deffo give them a look to see if you can get something cheaper from them!

Here are a few of my top picks. But I will try to post offers as often as I can over on my Facebook Page on Friday but I am in London so will probably be knee deep in a sale by then haha. Just click any of the links below to take you directly to the deals...

Happy shopping guys and please remember.. Do you really need it? 







Thanks for reading as always 
Emma Jane xo

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