Thursday, 7 May 2020

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Hey beauts, hows lockdown treating you all this week? Can't believe we are on Thursday already, weeks are flying by!
Anyone like me but and just snacking and shopping basically 24-7?  Yip ok thank god for that! 🙌

We are all loving loungewear at the minute, super comfy for being around the house, it makes you feel better instead of staying in your PJ's all day andddd all the sets out at the moment are super cute! 😍

This pink jogger set is probably one of my favourites, clearly because of the colour! I wore this out of the house (for my essential shopping!) with trainers and it is actually really comfy. The bottoms didn't fall down- pet hate!! It was good thick material that you couldn't see through it, it didn't stretch out of shape throughout the day and I loved the three quarter length bottoms to make it feel a little bit dressier for when you are out and about. I'll be able to mix and match the top and bottoms with something else too so won't only be able to wear it as a full set, win win! 
I opted for a size XL as I am bigger on the bottom half than the top and it worked well in that way, they weren't super tight on the bottom and the perfect baggy fit on top! 
I am 5'8 just for reference. 

This grey jogger set is a little different, it is long sleeve V neck and has full length bottoms. This one will just be for the house for me I think! The bottoms don't come up as high as the other set, especially at the back for me so I wouldn't feel comfortable heading out in them without either a baggy hoody or oversized tee covering my bum! The top fits great and love the long sleeves, especially if this rain is to keep up. I got a size M in this but I would recommend going up a size instead of opting for your own normal size just to make it that little bit extra comfy and baggy, but of you like it fitted then just have your normal size!

Prepping for after lockdown? Me too! Here is some other pieces from FemmeLuxe that I will be heading out in when lockdown is over and the girls can reunite again! 

This is something I thought I would never wear before, but I actually love it! I personally feel that the ruffles on it are super flattering, it hides the tumtum! 🐵  I got a size 12-14 but a size 10-12 would have been fine as there is loads of stretch in it especially in the shoulders and arms. 

Jeans and nice top, something we will never take for granted again! You can never go wrong with a dressy top, it will always be worn! I love leopard print and for me it is also something that will always be worn. I can already think of loads of outfits to wear this with, black skinny jeans, mini skirt, leather trousers and even pop a turtle neck or shirt under it for that layer affect! This is my first date night outfit when this is all over for sure!

I am seeing these all over at the moment and I am loving them, Cargo trousers. 
A twist on your black skinny jeans almost, again loads of different ways to wear these. Dressed down with a hoody and trainers or up with a bodysuit and heels!
I've paired them with a simple body suit here and I love the fit of them, very thick material too which I think is fab in trousers! These are probably my favourite out of everything, there is a few different colours in them also! 

Let me know if you pick anything up and where is your fav place to shop during lockdown?
Thanks for reading, as always 😘
Emma Jane x

*items gifted to me but views are my own*


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