Monday, 4 May 2020

Ten minute make over..

I'm not going anywhere anytime soon it's grand, I don't have to leave the house so whats the point, nobody is going to see me sure? Absolute cert we have all said at least one of these during this pandemic, right?! Thought so 😂
 However sometimes popping on a 'quick lick of make up' makes all the difference, not only to your appearance but your mental health too! It might sound stupid to some people, but getting up, dressed and ready as if you were really heading out the door can make a world of difference!

So many of us are used to routine, having the whole day planned for us without even really knowing it. Now that it has almost all been took away from us, we haven't a clue what to do with ourselves! Well maybe not everyone, but I know I don't most of the time!
One thing that really is helping me in all of this is actually getting ready and letting on to myself I have somewhere to be, I NEED to get ready! (even if it is only for a few hours!)

I do know that so many people are still working from home, or have families and houses to look after so it isn't going to be something that a- you won't have time to do and b- can't afford all the expensive products that you see online either!
So this it is just a simple, everyday 8 minute make up routine that I personally find easy and affordable! 😊

I start of by having my face washed, cleansed and moisturised. I know everyone has their own little routine but I personally just use a hot cloth around my face, followed by my one-step facial cleanser on a cotton pad followed by two pea sized amounts of my Multi-active day lotion!
For my day to day make up I don't use primer, I find my moisturiser is enough as I am not looking for a totally full coverage look anyway.
However, if I was to use a primer, this is my all time favouriteAgain I personally just add lashes as I can apply them quicker than a full coat of mascara and I don't feel complete without a pair to be honest 😂

Product list: 
Foundation - £9.99 
Powder palette - £3.50 
Highlighter - £4.50 
Mascara - £5-8
Eyeliner - £9.50  
Eyebrow pencil £7.99
Eyelashes - Primark £1
Lipstick- Primark £0.90!!!

*The NYX eyeliner is a dupe for KVD tattoo liner- it is half the price, it is way blacker and lasts longer too!!*

*The eyebrow pencil is something I never thought I would be using again as I had became so in love with pomade but this will change your life! AND if you use my girl Melissa's code you'll get 20% off too!!* (MELISSA20)

Let me know if you currently use any of these products or are going to give them a go!!
If you try anything out of these, please the Technic contour powder palette! Hands down my favourite palette in this world, insane!!

I hope everyone is staying safe and looking after themselves in all of this, thanks for reading as always 😘
Emma Jane  x

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