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There was a time I truly thought that traveling wasn't going to happen for a long long time. Now don't get me wrong, I can't see traveling ever being the same as what we are 'used too' but we can still visit (a few) beautiful countries on the green list and make some amazing memories at that, so we can take what we will, every cloud!
From that, being home I wanted to document everything down as quick as possible so I don't forget anything, although not sure we could as it was such a beautiful city! 

Originally we had Tenerife booked for a week, but with it being put on the 'red list' and having to quarantine when we came back, it just wasn't an option. So we were thankfully able to change last minute, none of us have ever been to Lisbon but heard really great reports so off we popped! 

We flew from Dublin, so we just drove down and parked the car up rather than get the bus as we weren't sure the craic with it. I didn't really know what the airport would be like to be honest, I had heard so many different views from so many different airports and people so wasn't sure what to expect. Obviously masks are compulsory inside the entire building apart from eating and drinking, most of the bars and restaurants are open so there was loads to choose between. 
Security gaurds and all the seats were well spaced out and people were actually sticking to social distancing throughout, even when lining up to head to the plane. We flew Ryanair at 6.30am and there was about 50people max on our flight, it was amazing. We basically all had a row each, as soon as we took off I jumped across to the row beside Ryan, slept and listened to a podcast the whole way there.
Personally didn't find it that bad wearing a mask for so long, we had bought the Umasks and the difference was insane. You don't need to wear make up and I am pretty sure the security guards didn't even check my hand size products because they didn't want to touch them orrr maybe it was just too early hahaha either way I loved the journey there!
On the way home, arriving into Dublin you are greeted with a form to fill out, a passenger locator form. We filled them in on our phones rather than stop and fill them out with everyone leaning over each other to grab one! It was super easy and we could do it while walking to passport control. They send you a copy there and then to your emails to show straight away or else you aren't allowed any further. 


With Lisbon being a city with no sandy beaches (within walking distance) I knew we needed a rooftop pool in our hotel, I mean I know we were going to be walking around taking it all in but jeez we needed to chill and where else was I going to wear the 100 bikinis I bought in the sales?! 
So I literally put into the filter section in rooftop swimming pools and then went from there, it was one of the top three to come up, we loved the look of it and booked straight away. Within a few hours the price had increased by 100% as Portugal was obviously put back on the green list to fly so people were jumping on like crazy, we got soo lucky! 

We stayed in Lux Lisbo Hotel and it really was one of my favourite hotels we have ever stayed in. The rooftop pool, bar and seating area, hotel amenities, room size and staff were all 10/10 we honestly couldn't fault it at all! 

The hotel offered free airport shuttle and free private tuk tuk service around the city! 
We did the tour on our second morning and it made us fall in love with the city, we were brought to some of the most famous view points and were told all the key points of the history within the City. Ryan and myself aren't landmark history people when on holidays, we just love roaming around, going in and out of shops, bars and coffee/rosé pit stops! So this almost 'quick roundup' of the city and everything about it, was so so fab for us! They are all around the city, the local workers come up and offer you to take a tour all the time around the main square area - they range from 80-150 euro for 1 hour!

The only thing I would change if I could, up and move it downtown a little bit as it was about 2 miles away from everywhere else, I mean it was a lovely walk in with all the little streets but the handiness of being downtown would have been the cherry on top! 


I mean one of the most important parts of a trip away right? Getting good food is sooo key, it honestly makes or breaks my mood! 
I had loads of recommendations from you guys and one of my besties had been before so she had gave me such a great list! But with me being Gluten free (and super picky) it was a lot harder than just being able to walk into any old place on trip advisor!
We always ask the locals at other places, then the uber drivers and the hotel staff as well. 9 times out of ten they give you some amazing places to go! 

 Time out market - basically St.Georges market but level up 100 😂  So many different foods from around the world not just Portugal to choose from, loads of drinks stalls too! 

A Cultura Do Hamburgers - kinda on the same vibe as bunsen in Belfast, only a little posher! I had a super yummy salad and really enjoyed it, Ryan did like his burger but said back home was better! 
Honesty is what we like I suppose! (Really cheap too)

To.B.Burgers - we never went here as we already had burgers but loads of recommendations for here as it popped up loads! 

Dear breakfast - Super cool breakfast location down a proper tiny Portuguese street, you could miss it so easily if you didn't know it was there. Min decor but max effort with the food and the presentation. The menu is great and very easy to undersatnd, it was good enough price for what you actually get and the quality of the food! 

PARK - This is the weirdest but coolest places ever, it is on top of a multi-story car park - actually scary enough climbing the stairs as there was no lights until you get to the top and your in this rooftop urban jungle with the most incredible city views! Menu is a little weird (the chips aren't actually chips, basically kettle crisps!) and we both thought very expensive for what it actually was - but suppose its the view your paying for! We got there as sun had just set but I would recommend going before sunset so you get to see it in daylight too anddd you don't need to do those stairs in the dark haha 

Lisbo Lux Hotel - one day we never left the pool and rooftop all day until dinner out that evening, we chilled the whole day with snacks and bar food and it was great, something we both really needed! Good price and really good quality food. You can just pop in to have lunch & chill in the lounge if you aren't staying there.

Clássico Beach bar by Oliver - We had lunch here, and it was such a vibe! I ate GF the whole holiday and to be honest there wasn't that much of an option for that here, I ended up having an avocado salad and chips. It was really lovely, but we had nachos, avocado smash and hummus for starters so I was all avo'd out 😂 

KOB by Oliver - Ryan really wanted to go here as he is a big steak fan, it is apparently one of the best steak houses in Lisbon. Owned by the same family as the beach bar, we were able to get a booking from dining there for lunch the previous day as it was fully booked online. If your going to Lisbon this is my number one recommendation for dinner, book it as soon as you can. Everyone knows I am not really a steak person, just give me the mash potato and I'm good! But this place was incredible, get the creamy truffle mash and the pureed spinach as your sides whatever you order! Portions are really big so don't order 4 like we did!

Fiori - Almost opposite Time out market so it is easy to find, nice views of the marina and easy enough food by the looks of it, we just had a cocktail and a beer as a little pit stop! There is a cool pink and black ice cream shop attached to the side of the bar but it wasn't open when we were there! 

Troppo Siquisito Ristorante - Beautiful views out onto the square, day or night. great location if you are out dandering about at night and don't know where to go, loads of seating, a great menu, good vibes and not too busy which I loved. Ryan had finished his carbonara in about 2 minutes and I had fish! Yes fish, it was unreal!! Not one single thing was left and again super affordable 😍

Here is a list of some more recommendations we had got but never got round to heading to them all. We checked them all out on Instagram, trip advisor, from taxi drivers and hotel staff and all recommended them all! 
Heim Cafe (pancakes are suppose to be amazing!)
SUD (posh rooftop restaurant and beach bar beside it overlooking the bridge!)
Rossios (roof top bar...but it was closed. Location was fab!) 
Manio d'Mano (Italian that done fab cocktails by the looks of it!)
Nicolau (cool cafe vibes, all the outdoor seats were gone so we got put inside, the menu wasn't for us so  just left!) 
Ice cream bars- they are everywhere, everywhereee!! We had from a couple but to be honest, the best was from a place called Amorino 😍👌 try the flavour Dolce le Leche... WOW! 


To be honest, the entire City is instagramable! Everywhere you looked, every street you walked down was so so beautiful. Almost every building is either painted pink, yellow or baby blue with baskets and baskets of flowers on the windows.. or else they are tiled so beautifully. 

Like I said we aren't very historical people, we didn't have a plan of where we wanted to see in that kind of way but I had seen a couple of view points on insta that I wanted to go to, everything else was just 'wake up and see what we get up to'.

Heres the best places we found;
(Literally just google mapped them!)

Miradouro das Portas do Sol ( the view point in the pink outfit! There was a little cafe here which was fab, it had a great view and only around 5 tables so it was so perfect and kinda private as it was up stairs that if you didn't know was there could miss. Also if you see the sign for toilets, head down to them. There is such cool art on the walls into it and another great view point in the arch!)

Tram 28 ( its 3euro each for 1 hour access, it takes you basically all around the best parts of Lisbon and up all the hills!!)

Flower Wall (you'll see this on the hill on the way up on Tram 28 towards the view point on the left hand side. We walked back down and got a picture that way, loads of cute old fashioned shops this way too, and the odd ice cream shop too!)

Rua for de Rosa AKA the Pink Street (we actually walked down this at night and didn't notice it was pink until the next day we realised we had been there before 😂  if you google 'Liverpool bar' it will take you straight there, it's behind my left shoulder in this picture but my body is hiding the tables on the street!!  Fun fact someone told me- this area used to be the red light district of Lisbon, we did see a few strip bars but didn't think anything off it until Rebecca had told me, really busy at night!) 

Lisbon Oceanarium (again we never went, not really our thing but fantastic reviews online for this and cheap enough too!)

Lisbon Zoo

Estadio Nacional (if you are a Celtic fan, then this is must see. It was lovely to walk around and just imagine it all happening. When you arrive, walk down the hill and on the left hand size it will look like a house. Walk into the driveway and then on the right is the reception, tell the security guard you are a celtic fan and he should radio to let you on through, he told us we weren't allowed in because we weren't from Portugal until I mentioned Celtic! It was 7euro in a uber from our hotel.)

Classico beach bar ( great to escape the city heat and relax at a beach for a day, 15 mins in a taxi over the bridge, in the middle of nowhere it was fab!)

Old Town (really beaut to walk around, really get into the vibes of this part of the city, this was part of our tour and we loved the look of it, not far away either but feels so far from the city vibes!)

Sintra ( to visit the colourful Palace!)

On our final full day we just started walking out of the city and didn't even realise, we were just so busy talking and looking at everything. We ended up getting scooters and just kept going, we got to right under the bridge and kept going past it even. Super empty around these parts and such a lovely walk along the marina with loads and loads of little restaurants and bars with no interrupted views at all! They have steps down into the sea all along this and a few people were going in, so we sat down and dipped our feet in for about an hour and just took the view in, it was so so lovely. We were all by ourselves and didn't feel like the city was right behind you.
We ended up at Church called Igreja do Convento do Bom Sucesso which is super close to Belem tower if you want to see that, by this stage we were so warm and tired from walking so much we got an uber back. Ps uber is the best thing ever over there, soooo cheap and so quick compared to taxis. 

The shopping is also amazing, I didn't even have as much room for a fridge magnet in my case so  I couldn't buy anything but there was so many beautiful pieces I really wish I had of picked up and the price point was really good compared to home too! 

One of my favourite trips away, we will deffo be back! 
The people are so friendly and I don't even think it is because they are glad to have people back after COVID, they all just seem really lovely. 
The places to go are endless, I could have gave more places to go! 
We both thought it seemed super cheap, for both food and drink. Clothing, attractions(mostly free) and taxis again are all very cheap. 3euro most of the time in a uber, it was 15euro out to the beach bar. We went to the supermarket (fav ever on holiday!) and we got snacks for the room and one of my fav ever wines was 3euro for a big bottle, insane! They also have loads of health shops over there too which had some great GF snacks, not great for the diet but I was on holidays and the rule of thumb when on holidays is don't stop eating or drinking...well it's mines and I am sticking to it haha.

Hope if your heading, you stay safe and enjoy it! If you are heading and use this 'guide' do let me know I'd love to hear what you think! 

Thanks for reading as always,
Emma Jane x


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