Hey guys, hope you are well whatever day of the week it is for you. The world is a crazy ass place right now and to be honest every single day is getting crazier and crazier as we live with COVID-19 right now. So I really do mean it when I say I hope you are doing well. 

For anyone who is new around here, if you haven't guessed my name is Emma Jane Mooney and I amm the wrong side of 25 for my liking haha. No but seriously I will always be that girl who is forever 21 inside, my birthday party every year is my 21st and I love it!
I started this blog to share my love for fashion, but it became more of a place for me to vent about anything really. Sharing my love of clothes, beauty, travel and pretty much anything I think people would be interested in! Sometimes just coming on and venting about random stuff on my Instagram stories is the best type of therapy you need, everyone has different opinions and I love that. Including their fashion picks or their choice in ice cream. I love seeing it all so that's why I share it all!

I would say my style does change from time to time, but deep down I am always the same. I am a size10-12 normally, but like everyone else it varies from time to time and depending on what shop I shop in I suppose. If I had to say one size I would go for a 12, I am not like the usual size 6-8 girls you see on Insta and I am perfectly ok with that, I love my shape. Yes it took me a long time to get here and like any other women, I would change things if I could but I do love it at the same time. 
I like to think my style is classy and timeless and suits me. Usually find me in a pair of heels and a long floaty skirt or dress, or I will dress it down with converse and a jumper. Now don't get me wrong I love having a pair of chunky boots and leather leggings or whatever I am feeling at the time but deep down I know I will always go back to that girlie girl in me! Chances are if it is white or pink, I will love it! 

My accent is something people always find strange when they first meet me, I am from Ballycastle, the very tip of Ireland so it is pretty country! Come listen to me blabber on about just about everything and anything on my Instagram - emmajanemooney 

As always, lots of love 
Emma Jane xx

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